Merriment and misunderstandings ensue in “Round and Round the Garden,” a quintessential British comedy showing at College of the Mainland Community Theatre Nov. 5-22.

When Norman decides to plan a weekend rendezvous with his lonely sister-in-law, Annie, who is caring for her aging mother, the secret’s soon out. Showing up indignantly in the English countryside is his other sister-in-law Sarah, along with her henpecked husband, Reg, and Norman’s alerted wife, Ruth.

Now spending a weekend in a cottage surrounded by family members, three of whom are annoyed with him, Norman attempts to charm, wheedle and coax his way into their good graces. Meanwhile Tom, the shy neighbor veterinarian, invents reasons to visit and treat Annie’s long-suffering cat in hopes of one day summoning courage to tell her how he feels.

Going round and round the garden, three siblings unexpectedly reunite for a weekend of mix-ups, mayhem and, just maybe, happy endings.

Tickets range from $13 to $23. Senior and student discounts are available.

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