Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Rollout is mandatory as of October 9th, 2023.  

This update is a requirement of Federal and Texas State Laws which will improve protection against unauthorized access to the College's network and your data. 

This will affect how you login.  After you authenticate your username and password you will also be required to verify your identity by one of the following methods

  • Using an Authenticator App on your phone
  • Entering a one-time passcode sent to your personal email  

You can start your protection today and enroll in MFA. 

Click here to learn more about MFA 


COM now has a SSO portal to access most of your applications. 

Click on the COM Login link located at the top of every page on the COM website. 

More applications will be added.  


Dynamic Forms 

Dynamic Forms is COM's online form management and digital signature platform.  A secure way to create, submit and sign forms.

This link has moved to our Single - Sign On (SSO) Portal for our COM Students and Employees! 

Click here to access Dynamic Forms if you do not have a COM username.

How-To Guides and Training

We are now using Skillset for employee training and professional development.  Skillset is a online training that includes a wide range of career advancing courses and certification preps such as PMI, Six Sigma, ITIL, CompTIA, CCNA, CISSP and many others. 

If you are interested in explore all the online courses  access to Skillset submit a ticket to Helpdesk requesting access.

 Click here to review our how-to guides 


The COM wireless network is available in all classrooms and all buildings on campus! You can bring your own device (BYOD) to college to use in the classroom to support your learning.

Click here to learn about our WiFi network and Bring Your Own Device

Software & Hardware Discounts

Information Technology Services is pleased to announce the availability of an online store that you may purchase software and hardware.

Click here to view student hardware and software discounts

Get Microsoft Office – FREE

Through our partnership with Microsoft, all current students are eligible to receive Office 365 Pro Plus on their Windows or Mac OS X computers, smartphones and tablets for free.

Click here to learn how to get Microsoft Office for FREE

1TB of Cloud Storage for All Students – FREE

COM students can manage, store, and share up to 1 TB of their classroom documents all in one place, securely and easily, with Microsoft OneDrive.

Click here to learn about Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage