Tuition and Fees Schedule

Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFR)

Each semester, students will be required to acknowledge and submit the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement before registering for courses.  A copy of the SFR is below, however, students must acknowledge and submit through Self Serve each semester.

SFR Form Copy

Flat Rate Tuition

Beginning Summer 2024, College of the Mainland (COM) will be implementing a flat-rate tuition model. With a flat-rate tuition model, students will no longer be assessed numerous individual fees associated with tuition. Students will benefit from a clearer and more transparent cost structure for classes, with fees set at a flat rate of $77.00 per credit hour for in-district students and $115.00 for out-of-district students.

For a detailed breakdown of the new fee structure please refer to the 2024-2025 Tuition and Fees Schedule.

Additional Fees:


  • Administrative fees
  • Internet fees
  • Hybrid fees
  • Science lab fees

Inclusive Access (ebook) Fees:

Inclusive access (ebook) fees (e.g., biology, economics, etc.)- Based on course curriculum requirements and will be in addition to cost-per-credit-hour tuition rate of $77 in-district and $115 out-of-district.

Program-Related Fees:

Program-related fees (e.g., Cosmetology, welding, etc.)- Based on program requirements and will be in addition to cost-per-credit-hour tuition rate of $77 in-district and $115 out-of-district.

Average Cost Per Semester at COM (15 credit hours)

Texas Residents

2024-2025 In District
At Home
In District
Independant Student At Home
In District
Off Campus
Out of District
At Home
Out of District
Independant Student At Home
Out of District
Off Campus
Tuition & Fees $1,155 $1,155 $1,155 $1,725 $1,725 $1,725
Books & Supplies $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000
Living Expenses $2,240 $5,822 $6,236 $2,240 $5,822 $6,236
Transportation $1,447 $1,447 $1,447 $1,447 $1,447 $1,447
Personal/ Miscellaneous $1,222 $1,222 $1,222 $1,222 $1,222 $1,222
TOTAL $8,064 $11,646 $12,060 $8,634 $12,216 $12,630
Summer 2025 $2,688 $3,882 $4,020 $2,878 $4,072 $4,210

Out of State Residents

2024-2025 Out of State
At Home
Out of State
Independent Student At Home
Out of State
Off Campus
Tuition and Fees $2,070 $2,070 $2,070
Books and Supplies $2,000 $2,000 $2,000
Living Expenses $2,240 $5,822 $6,236
Transportation $1,447 $1,447 $1,447
Personal/Miscellaneous $1,222 $1,222 $1,222
TOTAL $8,979 $12,561 $12,975
Summer 2025 $2,993 $4,187 $4,325

Payment Plan Options

COM realizes that paying for tuition can be tough on your budget.  We want to help you stretch your tuition dollars.  We are pleased to partner with Nelnet Business Solutions to let you pay your tuition and fees over time, making college more affordable.  For as little as 0% down payment, you can spread your tuition payments out over as many as 4 months ($30.00 Nelnet enrollment fee is required).  Visit My College Payment Plan for more information.

Financial Aid

The most successful financial aid applicants start exploring opportunities early in their high school years. We encourage you to submit all applications and documentation well in advance of your enrollment in order to ensure timely completion and notification of your award status.

  • Applying for Financial Aid – All students applying for financial assistance to attend COM must complete the FAFSA for each academic year they plan to attend.

    COM’s federal school code is 007096. COM offers a helpful resource – the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet – which allows students to read and complete the questions before entering their information online. The questions are listed in the same order as they appear on the website.

    Students may be requested by the Student Financial Services Office to complete a Verification Worksheet (either dependent version or independent version) and other supporting documentation for each academic year they plan to attend.

  • Financial Aid Deadlines – June 1 (for Fall semester); Nov. 1 (for Spring semester) and May 1 (for Summer semester). Applicants who fail to meet these deadlines should be prepared to pay all educational costs incurred until their application is processed and eligibility is determined. A file is complete when all necessary paperwork has been received, the information verified and the file reviewed. Processing time on a file is approximately four to six weeks.

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements – The U.S. Department of Education requires standards of satisfactory progress for students who receive federal funds. The student’s total academic history is reviewed, regardless of whether the student received financial aid. In compliance with federal regulations, COM has established the Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements policy applicable to all financial aid recipients including student loans and those students who work on campus and are not eligible for federal funding.

  • Financial Aid Appeal Form and Procedures – The Financial Aid Appeals Committee meets once a month except in December. Students may appeal their financial aid probation status when they have documented extenuating circumstances, such as personal injury or illness, death in the immediate family or undue hardship.

  • Return of Title IV Funds Policy – The Student Financial Services Office is required by federal statute to recalculate federal financial aid eligibility for students who withdraw, drop out, are dismissed or take a leave of absence prior to completing 60 percent of a payment period or term. The Federal Title IV financial aid problems must be recalculated in these situations.

  • Check your financial aid status – All COM students can check their financial aid status using Self Service.

Learn More about Financial Aid

Contact Student Financial Aid Office

The Student Financial Aid Office is located in the Doyle Family Administration Building, Suite 112 and can be contacted at 409-933-8274.