Photo of Cindy Cobb at her desk in the Humanities Office
March 2018 Employee of the Month Cindy Cobb

Cindy Cobb has one biological daughter but as an Administrative Assistant for the Humanities Department at College of the Mainland, she has gained lots of “kids” of all ages.

Since joining the staff at COM in 2001, Cobb has enjoyed seeing her daughter go off to college, get a job and almost two years ago got married. She also has experienced the marriages, child births and graduations of her other “kids” – the students and faculty of the Humanities Department.

“They are all pretty much like my kids,” she says from behind her desk on the second floor of the Learning Resource Center. Cobb’s caring, dedication and commitment is what makes her the Employee of the Month for March 2018.

Cobb is someone in which the department depends to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“Whether ordering supplies, filling out paperwork, or organizing meetings, if Cindy commits to the project, then you can bet it will be done, and it will be done properly,” her nominator for Employee of the Month said. “She has worked in several departments across campus, and with each move has gained more and more knowledge about the way COM operates. She is committed to excellence, and it shows in her work, which she insists must be correct. If she has a question, she asks, and if she can help others she is willing.”

Cobb is proud to work at the college; a place she says stands for opportunity. “There are so many things a student can choose to do. There are so many ways to get an education for students from 16 to 80 through continuing education, dual credit, senior citizens classes and getting an associate’s degree.”

In 2016, Cobb said she was most grateful for her COM family when she was diagnosed with cancer a week after her daughter got married.

“I had a lot of support from my COM family. My family here takes very good care of me.”

And by all accounts, Cobb takes care of her COM family, too