January employee of the month Ashton Kimbark
Ashton Kimbark

From the time students apply for admission through the time they apply for graduation every step of the journey is recorded by a series of online forms to fill out. January’s Employee of the Month, Ashton Kimbark, works behind the scenes to keep all that record-keeping as simple and user-friendly as possible.

“I work a lot with both background processes and with creation of student and employee records,” he said. “I also do work with other processes that employees do.”

He recently worked with a new communication management process for Admissions.

“I like to streamline processes for the student. One of the things I’m working on now is the graduation application, to make that more convenient and useful for students to submit applications for that.

“A lot of what I do, students might not necessarily notice, but I try to make things easier for them – also easier for the staff, too.”

Kimbark started his affiliation with College of the Mainland as a student in Collegiate High School when he lived in Dickinson. Now a resident of La Marque, Kimbark remains excited about COM’s mission.

“I like knowing that my work will make a difference for students and future generations. I like knowing that what I do will have an impact on people,” he said.

“I’m just glad to know that I’m useful to people and I’m glad to know that the work I’ve been doing and the effort I’ve put in is making a difference,” he said about being named Employee of the Month.

“I’m glad to be helpful and I hope that, going forward, I can make College of the Mainland a better place for both students and staff.”