Pictured, an image from her series “Introvert” shown at the PIP Festival in Pingyao, China.
Pictured, an image from her series “Introvert” shown at the PIP Festival in Pingyao, China.Pictured, a silver gelatin print with gold leaf displayed at Lawndale Art Center in Houston.

College of the Mainland professor Kristy Peet’s photographs have been on display in Houston, Dallas, Georgia, and now China.

Her colorful photograph is on display as part of the PIP Festival in Pingyao, China.

“I nominated my professor from Austin College, Tim Tracz, as an outstanding educator at the 2016 Society for Photographic Education regional conference – and he won. Tim asked me and two other former students to show their work along with his as his mentees,” said Peet.

The image is from Peet’s series “Introvert.”

“‘Introvert’ started with a discussion my studio-mate and I had as we huddled in our studio while an opening reception was bustling downstairs. We were talking about how drained we were and she recommended that I read a book called ‘The Introvert Advantage.’ It wound up being terrible, but it was a great starting point to begin thinking about what makes an introvert an introvert. It also gave way to the first photograph of the series as its pages were ripped out to make a shell for a person,” said Peet.

Another of Peet’s photographs, a silver gelatin print with gold leaf, was also displayed this month at The Big Show at Lawndale Art Center in Houston.

“The photo is printed in the darkroom and then the gold leaf is hand applied,” explained Peet.

The COM professor’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions across the U.S. including a solo exhibition at the Dallas Contemporary. Her work is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and Savannah College of Art and Design, where she earned her Master of Fine Arts in photography.

Peet also serves as vice president of BOX13 Artspace, an artist-run exhibition and studio space devoted to the creation and advancement of experimental contemporary art in Houston. 

She teaches Photography I and II at COM. The courses cover photo composition, development and manipulation.

Learn more about COM art classes at www.com.edu/fine-arts.