Images from Phase magazine

At 17, Sky Mejias has completed Collegiate High School at College of the Mainland (one semester ahead of schedule) and recently added another accomplishment to her list – her first publication.

As lead creative director of Phase Magazine founded by her colleague Enmi Young, Sky Mejias creates a vision for each issue of the magazine. She works with photographers, models, makeup artists and graphic designers to craft a nearly 100-page collection of stunning photographs and images.

“It’s not really a fashion magazine or photography magazine. It’s giving people in art a place to showcase their work,” said Mejias.

Issue 1 – a fall-inspired issue - was shot in the Big Bend area of Texas. The magazine has already sold out.

They recently wrapped up shooting issue 2 in White Sands, New Mexico featuring models in all-white clothing and accessories. 

“We have a theme for every issue. I have a vision and idea,” said Mejias. 

In the age of Instagram and transient posts, why does the magazine choose to print, especially when it can cost $6,000 per issue?

"We do social media – posting behind the scenes, etc. – but I think seeing it in your hands is a complete different feeling,” said Mejias.

A COM Collegiate High School student, Mejias completed high school and earned college credit at the same time.

“Art professor Mark Greenwalt was so helpful with challenging me. I think he saw potential in me. He’s helped me with a lot of critiques of what I’ve done. He pushes you to do more,” said Mejias.

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