As technology advances, COM’s classrooms increase in high-tech equipment, and Brad Denison works to ensure that it functions correctly for staff, faculty and students.

In his five years at COM, he’s worked to upgrade classroom audiovisual equipment and add equipment to the Speaking, Reading and Writing Center. 

“When I came here, we had VCRs in every classroom. Now we have HD projectors,” said Brad. 

Brad sets up audiovisual equipment in classrooms and at events, films special occasions and often serves as MC. 

Before coming to COM, Brad ran a show on 89.7 KACC, which was named the best radio show in Houston in 2009. He put his skills to work at the recent 50th Anniversary Birthday Bash, setting up equipment, serving as MC and announcing events. 

“I used to DJ on the radio and announce roller derby  games,” said Brad. 

Now he also helps troubleshoot equipment and ensure faculty members’ classes run smoothly when technology doesn’t function properly.

“Thank yous from the instructors whose classes were saved is why I do this job,” said Brad. "I enjoy the sense of community and family we have here."

A former community college student and self-professed nerd, Brad interacts with COM students as an advisor for the Comic Book Club.

“He works well with students, faculty, staff and community members,” said Janis Cutaia, director of educational technology. "He is dedicated to the success of our community college. I never have a complaint. He’s always upbeat and professional. The campus can count on Brad!"