Striving continually to make education mirror the real world, College of the Mainland is part of a statewide initiative to offer math options for students not majoring in a science, math or technology field.

A new alternative to college algebra, Intro to Probability and Statistics, allows students to take a class focusing on real-world math applications.
The Dana Center at University of Texas developed course materials.
“It’s a lot of group work, classroom discussion and online homework,” said professor Susan Morawski. “It’s not an easier course, but it’s less algebra intensive, so if one’s fearful of algebra it will put their mind at rest. It will help students be more successful with concrete math.”
COM student Stephanie Jaramillo is taking the course as she completes nursing prerequisites.
“I haven’t been in college for a while. Going in, I thought math wasn’t my thing. I had serious doubts going into the class, but it’s easy to understand,” said Jaramillo. “It gives a lot of examples of real-life things. The one (problem) we did yesterday was the probability of having to repair a new vehicle in the next five years.”
Statistics applies to many subjects from creating data graphics in journalism to analyzing data in advertising.
“They will need this when they get out in the world,” said Morawski.
To find the right option for them, students should consult a COM academic advisor, and an advisor at the school they plan to transfer to.
COM will launch a third option, Math for Liberal Arts Majors, in fall 2016.

For more information about algebra alternatives, contact Kristen Hatfield at