COM nursing professor Kathy Glynn displays the new, state-of-the-art pump donated by Medela.

While a new baby becomes every mom’s priority, many mothers also remain students and employees.

To help new mothers at College of the Mainland, Medela Inc. has donated a state-of-the-art Symphony breast pump to COM for a new room for nursing mothers.
“It’s what you would find in a neonatal unit. They’re considered the gold standard in equipment,” explained COM nursing professor Kathy Glynn. “Mothers just bring their own shells and tubing, which they have if they gave birth in a hospital, and plug it in.”
The room will be equipped with nursing supplies, and Omni Fire and Security donated an access code lock for privacy. Mothers can request the key code to access it. COM is also applying to the Texas Department of Health to become a mother-friendly site.

“We’re going to have a space where they can go and pump privately. It’s for anyone on campus: students, faculty, staff,” said Glynn.
“There are so many statistics showing breastfed babies get less illnesses so parents miss less work. It’s a win-win.”