The 2013 fire academy graduates trained on land and sea.

Standing out among the 13 graduates of the College of the Mainland Fire Academy, Patrick Watson, of League City, received the Instructors Choice Award and Christopher Lescombes, of League City, garnered the Top Rung Award at the recent graduation ceremony.

“There were so many good candidates it was hard to choose,” said Danny McLerran. “Christopher Lescombes had highest average and was the only one who went back and redid every test to correct mistakes. He displayed leadership and did everything he could to help out.
“Patrick displayed a good attitude and worked really hard. He managed the training records for the class and assisted every way he could.”
During the semester-long academy, instructors, who are all career firefighters, challenged cadets during strength training, classroom instruction and controlled fire scenarios.
Class president Robert Hooper summarized their accomplishments.
“We crawled through smoke-filled buildings and came out with burns, but we came out knowing we will not quit. Through the academy, all 13 of us got it done. No matter the call, we’re going to get it done.”
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