Adapt your training to your career goals with College of the Mainland’s newly streamlined associate degree business program.

The program is designed to help students gain practical skills and apply them to real-world situations in the specialty of students’ choosing: entrepreneurship, management, marketing, accounting or office management. Armed with practical skills, students can more easily reach their goals - whether continuing their education with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business or immediately entering the workforce in an administrative, bookkeeping, management or another business position.

A new capstone course encapsulates all of students’ learning throughout the program into real-world projects. The course, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Business Applications, will allow students to use computer applications to analyze, manage and propose a solution to a current marketing, accounting or managerial issue.

“The program gives students the business skills they need,” said Bruce Glover, department chair. “We prepare them to get any entry-level job in any industry.” 

A combination of general education courses and targeted business courses, the program is designed to help students quickly acquire skills needed on the job. A variety of online and in-person courses are offered.

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