COM President Beth Lewis swears in new Student Government Association president Rodney Allen.

Creating a government of the students, for the students, six new officers took the oath of office in a ceremony that moved some in the audience to tears as students shared their stories and dreams for College of the Mainland’s future. COM President Beth Lewis swore in Rodney Allen, president; Andrew Carter, vice president; Faith McNabb, secretary; Andrew Ridenour, treasurer; Marion McDaniel, parliamentarian; and Angela Jordy, historian.

“They’re a very energetic group,” said Sean Skipworth, faculty advisor of SGA.
After campaigning and debating issues affecting the campus, officers are ready to get to work. As student representatives, officers are charged with gathering student input, planning the calendar of events and creating the vision for long-term student projects.

“The officers represent student concerns and can bring issues to the president or board. That’s a big priority,” said Skipworth.

“As I starting looking into it, I started to see how I could help the school,” said Allen.
He discussed with students their concerns and interests--more involvement in community and greater energy on campus. He plans to begin by working together to revise SGA by-laws to be more efficient and student-friendly and working with campus administration to explore the organization’s potential.
“I want to make a difference,” said Allen.
Carter became interested in SGA after touring the capitol with COM students in February during Community College Leadership Day.
“I really like COM, and I feel like I have ideas to help COM be a better campus,” said Carter.
One of his ideas is to implement recycling in every classroom, an option that will be discussed at the upcoming officers’ retreat to plan priorities for the new year.
Marion McDaniel, parliamentarian for the second year, will work to support the president and to ensure meetings are run according to Robert’s Rules of Order and the association’s constitution. She enjoys being involved in SGA “to see how government is supposed to be run,” she said. “This is a good opportunity in so many ways.”