Girls in Project Cinderella needed no fairy godmother to transform from ordinary students into queens for prom. Students in the COM Cosmetology Certificate Program offered to do everything from their perfectly styled curls to trendy pedicures.
“At the end, (one girl) said, ‘I really do feel like a princess,’” said student Olivia Doak, who helped a 17-year-old senior prepare for the big night. “She made me realize how respected we are for what we do. It was a confidence booster.”
Instructor Jamie Powell coordinated the free makeovers after being contacted by Project Cinderella, a nonprofit that provided recycled dresses for girls in need. She notified her cosmetology students who volunteered to come on Saturdays throughout the month to give the girls coordinating manicures and pedicures and do their hair and makeup.
“We always try to do some kind of community outreach, and we could play makeup all day,” Powell said. “I’m sure we’ll do it again.”
Heather Bennett, a second-semester student, has already spent hours performing haircuts, manicures, pedicures and facials in the COM Cosmetology Salon that experienced students operate at 15009 Delaney Rd. in La Marque. She helped a girl who came in with her free-flowing hair falling in her face and left with beautiful updo.
“At the end she looked stunning,” she said. “These girls have been waiting for prom their entire lives.”
Not only did the makeovers impact the girls, but their families were grateful as well. One mother watched as her daughter wore makeup for the first time.
“I helped out with her makeup, making sure it matched her dress,” said student Brittany Martinez. “I just did something really soft. She looked like a completely different person. Her mom said, ‘My little girl’s growing up.’”

First-semester student Paulette Waldrop offered students an education while doing their hair. One girl had never blown her hair dry before and she showed her how. She also helped several other girls get ready, including one with Down Syndrome.
“She was a little gem,” said Waldrop.