This year, College of the Mainland is kicking off its commemoration of National Green Week by announcing its new energy conservation program estimated to save the college $2.8 million over the next 10 years.
COM is partnering with Cenergistic to embark on this program, which is funded through the energy savings provided by the program.
“We are excited about our partnership with Cenergistic because of their unique approach to energy management,” said Dr. Beth Lewis, COM president. “The college has been proactive in energy management for years, but Cenergistic brings a new component, the enhanced use of organization and behavioral modification strategies that will substantially reduce energy consumption without the purchase of new equipment.”

Previously the college has saved money by updating its equipment, such as converting its HVAC system to a chilled water system and thermal storage unit.

The new program is behavior-based and designed to preserve comfortable environments during class and scheduled activities while avoiding unnecessary energy use. As part of the new program, COM will work closely with Cenergistic’s engineers and consultants, receiving hands-on training and learning from their expertise over the next four years. The college will analyze optimum practices for heating and air conditioning systems, circulation pumps and other equipment.

To measure and verify the program’s success, COM will track energy consumption using an independent energy-accounting software. The energy savings continue for many years as Cenergistic provides free support to organizations continuing the program after the contract’s term.
Cenergistic is a technology-powered, data-driven energy conservation company that helps organizations reduce consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil and water.