Inspired by a statewide Latino-affairs conference, College of the Mainland students became motivated to encourage high school students to pursue further education.

“We learned how we still lag behind significantly in higher education,” said assistant professor Julie Garcia. Garcia, along with six COM students from AMIGOS, a student club focused on Latino issues, attended the 24th Annual Student Conference on Latino Affairs at Texas A&M University.

After hearing the speakers, “students were asking, ‘What do we do with this information? We want to do something now!’” After discussing options, they thought, “Why don’t we become the mentors?”

They shared with Texas City and Dickinson High School students what they learned via a panel during the Hispanic Student Leadership Conference at College of the Mainland on May 4.

AMIGOS historian Luis Santos said they wanted to share with high school students, “pointers for success, a little bit about our experience as students, what to expect.” They encouraged them to “continue their education, to not give up, let anything stop them,” he said.

After their successful sharing, students are discussing other ways to reach out to local high school students this fall.