GCIC Academic Symposium

Spring 2019 GCIC Academic Symposium

The Evolutionary Ingenuity of Love

Friday, April 26, 2019, LRC 131
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Theme: "The Evolutionary Ingenuity of Love"

Though we may want to lay claim to it, scientists and psychologists argue love is definitely not only a human invention--arguably, animals use love as a mechanism supporting their offspring’s survival. Researchers tell us love is a function resulting from complex brains. Human brains are masterfully complex; as a result, our versions of love can often be complicated and multi-faceted. Love is a mysterious notion. It both propels and stalls us individually and as a race.

Examples of Questions to Ponder | All Subjects Welcome

This 2019 theme, "The Evolutionary Ingenuity of Love," asks us to probe love as a subject of inquiry and inspiration. Here are questions that might help get the thinking started, but please know we aren’t limited by these. They are only a place to begin: What is love? Who and what do we love? How do we define it? Can we define it? Is it quantifiable and qualifiable? What is its function? What does it look, smell, taste, feel, and sound like? Who has the right to love? Who has the right to govern love? Is one love superior to another? Is love the cause of hate? Is love the path to justice, understanding, and peace? Is love rich or poor? Is it righteous? Does love both bind and break us? Is it timeless and spaceless? Is it concrete or abstract? Can we rationalize our love? And is it physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and/or psychological? Is it cosmic? Is it mythical and illusory? Or is love real?

This year’s theme is broad and lends itself to cross-disciplinary examination, which is the driving force of our academic symposium.


Our intention is to enable students and their supporters to think more deeply than we’re able in the classroom while sharing in formal and less formal networking opportunities.

How to Start

We invite you to contact Professor Dalel Serda (dserda@com.edu) if you want elaboration on possibilities. Please submit 200 to 300-word abstracts through our abstract submission link by Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at 7 p.m. Please follow the abstract protocols of the subject you select. For specifics, please ask a professor who may serve as an advisor for your project, or contact us directly.

Please contact us with questions or comments.

Dalel Serda
Associate Professor of English
GCIC Academic Symposium Chair

Dr. Shinya Wakao

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