Infographic with motivational words and gears.

Fall 2023 Workshop SChedule

Meet us in the STEAM Bldg room 102

Top Down vs

Servant Leadership

Sep. 5, 2023


vs Character

Sep. 21, 2023

Focus 2 Workshop

Oct.. 3, 2023 (STEAM 121)

Resume Workshop

Oct.. 17, 2023

LinkedIn Workshop

Nov. 7, 2023

Guest: Undefeated Speaker

Nov. 30, 2023

Leaders do not have followers. Leaders create more leaders!


The purpose of the College of the Mainland’s Leadership Workshop Series is to provide beneficial resources that will be retainable, purposeful, and quality information for education, engagement, and experiences.


The College of the Mainland’s Leadership Workshop Series strives to support and transform students into leaders through a variety of resources that develop workforce opportunities, financial services, community outreach, self-development, and encourage investment toward education, innovation, and lifelong action.

Core Values

  • Establish well-rounded leaders
  • Improving continuous learning to enhance personal development and growth
  • Encourage positive changes within our surrounding community


The goal of the Leadership Workshop Series is to give the students a variety of resources and teaching tools for their success as they transfer and/or graduate from College of the Mainland.