Workforce classroom

The academy is a free course that prepares students for college-level classes. Students get ready for the intensity and expectations of college and a career while studying for the college entrance test (TSI).

Who needs CSA?

CSA is for three types of students:

  1. High school/high school equivalency diploma graduates who need help to pass the college entrance test.
  2. Students who plan to enroll in a career pathway before they finish the high school equivalency test.
  3. English as a second language students who plan to enroll in college, with or without a high school diploma.

When do classes start?

CSA classes accept new students for the spring, summer and fall semesters.

How can I join a class?

High school/high school equivalency graduates can be referred to a CSA course by a COM advisor. Students who have not finished a high school diploma or high school equivalency test must contact a career navigator to apply for a CSA course.