At Work and School

  1. See something, say something!
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t allow technology to distract you such as headphones, smartphone, etc.
  3. Travel in groups in well-lit areas at night.
  4. Know your way around campus.
  5. Always have emergency contacts on your cell phone, including campus police.
  6. Consider carrying defense items with you and taking a self-defense class.
  7. Follow your instincts. If you are uncomfortable or afraid in a situation, inform campus police or a faculty member.
  8. Keep all threatening notes, mail, emails, and voicemail as evidence.
  9. Be careful before getting into your car (check for signs of break-in and someone hiding nearby or inside of your car before getting in).
  10. Utilize locks, locking devices, and security systems.

In General

  1. Don’t accept substances or drinks from strangers.
  2. Protect your privacy on social media. Set your profile to private and don’t disclose your location.
  3. Tell friends and family your whereabouts/activities/schedule or download a tracking app for your phone.
  4. Carry emergency cash.
  5. Advise family and friends of any threatening situation.
  6. Avoid walking or exercising alone.
  7. Vary your routine so that your whereabouts aren’t predictable.
  8. If you feel uncomfortable in a certain place, leave and get to a more well-lit or populated area.

Dating Safety

  1. Do not accept drinks from someone you do not know or trust, and don’t leave a drink unattended.
  2. If you see someone at risk of assault through force or pressure, don’t be afraid to intervene.
  3. Do not assume someone wants to have sex because of alcohol consumption, the way they dress, or because they agree to go home with you.
  4. Accept an individual’s decision when they say “No.”
  5. Avoid becoming drunk so that your judgement and ability to care for yourself aren’t impacted.
  6. When attending parties, have a buddy system in place and don’t get separated from your friends.
  7. On a first date, consider a double date with friends and meet in public places with your own car.

If you are in imminent danger call 911 from a safe location. Be prepared to provide location and perpetrator details.