Student Name Professor Project Title
Esther Akinwande S. Abernathy Ubiquity of Microorganisms on the College of the Mainland Campus
Esther Akinwande G. Johnson Chemistry Demonstrations: elephant's toothpaste experiment, "burning" a $20 bill, and the reaction of hydrogen gas with oxygen gas using a hydrogen gas filled balloon
Samuel Akinwande S. Abernathy Cataloguing the trees on campus
Matthew Austin V. Sanchez Paleogeography of the Bryan, Texas Area
Lauren Buchanan D. Serda From Wikked Wyves to Courtly Ladies: The Evolution of the Female Role in English Literature
Kathryn Day T. Johnson The Effects of Rainfall on the pH Concentration of Lake Eckert
Josie Howell D. Serda Complacency Compromises Critical Thinking
Drager Landry J. Presnall Relating Tocqueville's Democracy in America to Today's Politics
Drager Landry D. Serda Using Optimism to Encompass Motivation and Academic Success
Drager Landry H. Trivilino The Physics of Ion Propulsion
Drager Landry G. White Analyzing William Blake's "The Tyger" through the Lens of Religious Context
Bobbie Lescombes S. Burleson Life's Circle of Happiness Through the Ages
Sara Pecina S. Abernathy The Difference Between Root Hormones and Fertilizers: Marsh Elder
Cala Pope D. Serda Student Teacher Relationships in Formal Education
Isis Rendon D. Serda Analytical Introduction to The Ultimate Disguise: Christopher Marlowe as William Shakespeare