Honor graduates include students who completed an Associate of Arts degree, Associate of Arts in Teaching, Associate of Applied Science degree or Associate of Science degree, have earned at least 40 semester hours at COM and have attained a grade point average of 3.5 to 3.79 for honors or 3.8 to 4.0 for highest honors.

The recognition will be entered on the student’s permanent record regardless of participation status. Honor cords and medallions will be given out with graduate cards.

The GPA is computed by dividing the total number of grade points by the total number of earned hours attempted (See page 250 of the 2018-2019 catalog). Developmental courses will not be used to compute the GPA. The following example shows how this works:

Course Semester Hours   Grade   Grade Points
ENGL 1301 3 x A(4 GP) = 12
MATH 1314 3 x B(3 GP) = 9
PHED 110 1 x B(3 GP) = 3
WELD 1410 4 x B(3 GP) = 12
HIST 1302 3 x C(2 GP) = 6
Total 14       42

GPA: 42 GPs divided by 14 Semester Hours = 3.0 GPA

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact the Admissions and Records Office if you have any further questions at 409-933-8264.