Occupied temperature settings shall not be set below 74°F.

During unoccupied times, the air-conditioning equipment shall be off. The unoccupied period begins when the students leave the area. It is anticipated that the temperature of the instruction room will be maintained long enough to afford comfort for the period the faculty remains in the instruction room after the students have left.

Air-conditioning start times may be adjusted (depending on weather) to ensure instruction room comfort when instruction begins.

Ensure outside air dampers are closed during unoccupied times.

Ceiling fans should be operated in all areas that have them.

Relative humidity levels shall not exceed 60 percent for any 24-hour period.

Where cross-ventilation is available during periods of mild weather, shut down HVAC equipment and adjust the temperature with windows and doors. Cross-ventilation is defined as having windows and/or doors to the outside on each side of a room.