• Edward Munoz
    Edward Muñoz III


    Email: sgapresident@com.edu

    Major: Political Science / History

    Hobbies: Arts & Crafts, Volunteering, and tutoring History and Government.

    Favorite Food: Mexican, and Italian

    Likes: Helping people, photography, and meeting new people.

    Plans: Edward plans are to continuing to grow as a student leader as your SGA President and also as your Texas Junior College Student Government Association Region V Secretary. Edward plans to graduate from the University of Houston, as a double major in political science, and history. Later on, Edward wants to become an immigration lawyer to help families find a pathway to citizenship. Edward is also planning on running to be a Texas State Senator, and he hopes to run for the office of Governor or Attorney General for the State of Texas.

  • Xavier Hernandez
    Xavier Hernandez

    Vice President

    Email: sgavicepresident@com.edu

    Major: General Studies

    Favorite Food: Chinese/ Japanese food

    Likes: Music, exploring Houston, traveling

    Plans: Xavier plans are to graduate from College of the Mainland next year from the collegiate program where he will obtain his associates and his high school diploma, then transfer to a four-year university where he will be majoring in biology in hopes to eventually prosper in the medical field as a neurologist or anesthesiologist.

  • Daniela Gonzalez
    Daniela Gonzalez


    Email: sgatreasurer@com.edu

    Major: Natural Science

    Hobbies: Playing the viola, swimming, volunteering, and art.

    Favorite Food: Watermelon, cookies and creme ice cream, and tacos.

    Likes: Learning, traveling, and meeting new people.

    Plans: Daniela plans are to pursue a medical degree and become a surgeon.

  • Abigail Mendoza
    Abigail Mendoza


    Email: sgasecretary@com.edu

    Major: Natural Science

    Hobbies: Art and volunteering

    Favorite Food: Mexican food

    Likes: Working out, learning new things, and taking pictures

    Plans: Abigail's plans are to go to the University of Houston for two years and transfer to University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) to become an anesthesiologist.

  • Susanne Urban
    Susanne Urban


    Email: sgaparliamentarian@com.edu

    Major: Associate of Arts

    Hobbies: PC Gaming, creative writing, playing video games, and playing with pet Sugar Gliders.

    Favorite Food: Snow Crab

    Likes: Pet Sugar Gliders (Nestor and CorDell), going to college, helping people, and going to conventions.

    Plans: My plan is to graduate College of the Mainland with an associate's degree and transfer to the University of Houston to complete my bachelor's degree. After the bachelor's degree is obtained, I plan to go to Law School.

  • Elizabeth Urban
    Elizabeth Urban


    Email: sgahistorian@com.edu

    Major: General Arts

    Hobbies: PC Gaming, playing video games, photography, drawing and volunteering

    Favorite Food: Chicken

    Likes: Art, traveling, music, helping people, pet Sugar Gliders (Nestor and CorDell), and going to conventions

    Plans: Elizabeth is planning to grow as a student leader through SGA Historian and State Treasurer. She will graduate with her general studies and she plans to search for a job as a Student Life Specialist.