Services for Students with Disabilities

The mission of Services for Students with Disabilities is to provide each student with the resources needed enroll and successfully complete their course work and/or degree plan. Readers are available for sight-impaired students, and notetakers and interpreters are available for hearing-impaired students. (Sign language and oral interpreter services are available when requested in advance.) Clients are informed of the availability of financial aid, counseling and information and referral sources. Students are made aware of existing resources for students with disabilities that can be obtained at the state, federal and community level.


A brochure describing services for students with disabilities and listing sources of campus support and equipment is available in the office in the Enrollment Center, Room 158 and at various locations on campus.


Pre-enrollment counseling and scheduling assistance are provided. Students in need of services are encouraged to notify (and request services from) the Counselor for Students with Disabilities regarding any assistance or special accommodations they may need. Refer to the Guidelines for Documentation (PDF) for more information on registering for Services for Students with Disabilities.


Some special equipment is readily available including remote control door openers for mobility-impaired students. These are available from the Counselor for Students with Disabilities. Parking permits, wheel chairs and crutches are available from Security. For a complete list, see the brochure and/or contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at 409-933-8520 or 888-258-8859, ext. 8520.

The Office for Students with Disabilities is located in the Enrollment Center Room 158.