COM provides services and assistance to any individual who has a documented disability, which substantially limits one or more of his/her life activities.

Testing modifications

Depending on the student’s need, testing accommodations are available to include extended time ,oral testing, testing in a separate room, marking on the test instead of using a scantron, and/or utilizing a scribe for the exam. The coordinator of Accessibility Services will determine testing modifications for students with disabilities. The decision will be based on the disability, documentation received, and the structure of the course. Once the accommodation is approved, Accessibility Services creates the accommodation letter and sends it to the student and the testing center.

  • For those students who will be testing in the Testing Center as an accommodation, the instructor will be responsible for delivering and picking up the exam. It is the student’s responsibility to reserve a testing day and time with the Testing Center.
  • For students using readers or scribes as an accommodation for an examination, the student is responsible for informing the coordinator of Accessibility Services at least 2 business days in advance to arrange for the service.
  • Other testing accommodations may be approved depending on the individual need of the student.

Note taking assistance

Note taking services are available for students as an accommodation for some students with disabilities. Students must supply adequate documentation to support the need for note taking assistance.

Assistive technology

  • JAWS – Read aloud software to assist individuals with visual impairments or Learning Disabilities.
  • Zoom Text – powerful low vision software that magnifies the screen. It provides complete access to all Microsoft Windows applications.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking – Speech to text software


All Equipment is on a first serve first come basis and must be checked in and out with the Accessibility Services.

  • Closed Circuit Television – For students with visual impairments, this device increases the magnification of printed material.  An adjustable device, it will meet the needs of the student regardless of his or her visual acuity.
  • FM Loop System – Assists students with hearing impairments. Alpha Smart
  • Keyboards – A note taking device.
  • UBI-DUO – Designed for students with hearing impairments. A Wireless communicator that promotes communication without the need for an interpreter.
  • Talking Calculators- Assists students with visual impairments in doing basic calculations.
  • Recorders – A portable device students can use when taking lecture notes.
  • Reading pens- A portable device that provides immediate word support to the reader.
  • Smart pens- A portable device that assists students with note taking.
  • Overlays- Assists students with reading.
  • Headphones- A portable device that helps students block out background noise.
  • Large Computer Monitors – Assists students with visual impairments

Alternate format textbooks

For students with severe learning disabilities or visual impairments, COM will assist in obtaining alternate format books. Planning is crucial if a student is requesting an alternate format book. Obtaining the needed book requires several weeks and is a shared responsibility. Books need to be requested each semester.

Steps to requesting an alternate format book:

  1. Students should be enrolled in the course or courses in which they are needing the book and should have already requested accommodations in the Accessibility Services for that course or courses.
  2. Request should be done at least 2 weeks prior to the class starting.
  3. Please provide the following information to the Accessibility Services about the book:
    • Receipt from purchase of the hard copy of the book
    • ISBN
    • Title
    • Author
    • Publisher
    • Edition

Once the alternate format book is received, the student is contacted by the disability office.

Students may wish to become a member of Learning Ally as well. Learning Ally is a national non-profit organization that helps disability students with reading difficulties. For more information on Learning Ally, please see their website at

Other services are available on an individual basis.

Accessible Parking 

Accessible parking is available for individuals near the front of each building on campus. College of the Mainland recognizes permits issued by the state for the use of these designated spaces. For more information, contact the security office at 409-933-8403.