Ensure You Succeed in College

Developmental courses are designed to help students strengthen their academic skills to better ensure success in their college-level coursework. Students having difficulties are encouraged to contact an academic advisor in the Student Success Center so an individualized development educational plan may be prepared.

  • Students not meeting the required college-ready standards in any of the three areas - math, reading or writing - should meet with a counselor or advisor to develop an individualized education plan that lists the developmental coursework needed to become college ready.
  • During fall and spring semesters, all students are required to enroll in all disciplines of developmental education until the standards are met. Both summer sessions will be considered a single semester.
  • Before a student can withdraw from any developmental course, the student must meet with a counselor or advisor to develop strategies for completing the course the following semester.
  • Instructors will submit recommendations electronically to advisors and counselors for all students not completing their developmental courses successfully (“D,” “F” or “W”), and these students will be required to meet with a Student Success Department staff member before registering for the next semester. At the time of the meeting, the staff member will discuss appropriate strategies outlined in a contract related to the specific needs of the student. The Early Warning System will be utilized by instructors within the first month of each semester to identify students who have poor attendance and/ or unsatisfactory progress.