About the Professional Development Academy

College of the Mainland is committed to enhancing the quality of our faculty and staff through professional development. The Professional Development Academy (PDA) serves the professional development needs of all instructional employees by funding their professional development activities and by bringing professional development materials and opportunities to our campus. Any employee who reports to the Vice-President of Instruction is eligible to apply for funding through the PDA. This includes all faculty members, their support staff, and many others.

The Vice-President of Instruction appoints a faculty member to the position of Faculty Professional Development Leader to oversee the activities of the PDA and chair the PDA Committee. The PDA Committee reviews funding applications and provides guidance and support for the PDA. All instructional employees are eligible to serve on the PDA Committee.

For Information Contact:

Herman Trivilino, Faculty Professional Development Leader.
Laura Horacefield, Administrative Assistant
LRC Library Mezzanine, Room M-05
Telephone Extension 8263

Funding Requests

Requests for PDA funds require submission of a PDA Funding Application accompanied by a copy of your Professional Development Plan (PD Plan) and any other documentation required by the Business Office for reimbursement such as a conference description or documentation of travel details.

For a funding request to be approved it must be demonstrated by the applicant that the activity supports their PD Plan. The PDA Funding Application features a section where the applicant provides this justification in writing.

Forms and Documents

Please note that the PDA does not fund work-related activities. For example, attending a conference to maintain certification is not professional development. It’s a work-related requirement and should be funded from your unit’s work-related travel budget. On the other hand, if attending that conference can also be justified as a professional development activity then it would be eligible for funding through the PDA.

To comply with college procedures the PDA cannot reimburse you for Texas hotel taxes or additional hotel charges for stay before or after an event. The PDA does not reimburse you for tuition for course work towards a certificate or degree.

Professional memberships are funded up to an annual cap of $150 but again subject to the same requirements of justification based on your PD Plan. If there are additional costs associated with additional membership benefits, such as journal subscriptions, those costs do not count towards the $150 cap, but the separate expense must be itemized on the funding application.

Purchases of books have a cap of $100 per year and like all funding requests must be justified based on your PD Plan. The funding request must be made in advance of the purchase. Textbooks purchased at a conference can be funded only if they are justified in advance as part of a funding application.

Adjunct faculty members are encouraged to apply for professional development funds and will have to complete a PD Plan with the assistance of their department chair. The department chair must have a reasonable expectation that the faculty member will be returning in the near future to teach again.


Magna 20-Minute Mentor Commons

  • For access information contact Laura Horacefield in the PDA Office.

Faculty Resource Center

A Blackboard course with information on many types of technology and much more. (Please note that when you log in that in these courses you are listed as a student in Blackboard.)

PDA Library Resources

Professional development books, CDs, DVDs, and training manuals are available for check out at the main campus library located in the LRC Building.

Free Course Benefit

For more about the free course benefit for employees, consult DEB(LOCAL).

Educational Technology Services

Educational Technology Training is very broad and includes all training on Blackboard, classroom technology, software applications that support instruction, copyright etc. For more information contact Educational Technology Services Director, Brad Denison.


Online Journals

Personal Growth and Wellness