Last update: 8/7/2019

Change Date Schedule Page Item Change, Update Made
7/19/19 38 Art: Painting with Acrylics (Beginners)-36 HRS, SYN:5917, SENR-7037-101CL, 9/3/19-11/19/19, T, 1pm-4pm, LLGP 102 Updated time and room number
7/19/19 36 Art: Candy, Cakes, and Cookies-24 HRS, SYN:5903, SENR-6003-101CL, 9/9/19-11/25/19, M, 5:30PM-7:30PM, LLGP-103, D Seyfang Updated: Time
7/16/19 47 Trip: Houston Ballet: The Nutcracker, SYN: 6127, SENRT-9001-111CL, 4-11pm Updated Date and Cost: 12/12/19, Thursday, $65
7/16/19 27 Basic Marine Fire Suppression-90 HRS, SYN:5893, FIRT-2056-001IN, 8/26/19-11/15/19 Updated Description: This course satisfies curriculum and certification requirements for Texas Commission on Fire Protection for Basic Marine Fire Suppression. Topics include curriculum and competencies as set forth in the TCFP Curriculum Manual for Basic Marine Fire Suppression. Students will be required to attend labs to complete TCFP skills required to be completed in the presence of a field examiner. Labs are TBA and listed in the course schedule. Students successfully completing the course will be eligible to take the certification examination for Basic Marine Fire Suppression, provided they satisfy TCFP testing requirements. Students are responsible for TCFP testing and certification fees.