Six-Course Drop Limit (TEC 51.907)

A new law provides that undergraduate students enrolling as first-time freshmen at a public institution of higher education in Texas in Fall 2007 or thereafter will be limited to a total of six dropped courses during their entire undergraduate career. Please note the following information.

The six-course drop limit includes all drops within the six-course drop limit from all Texas public colleges/universities that you have attended added together.

Drops that count in the limit are those for which you receive a grade of W on your College of the Mainland transcript and those equivalent affected drops reported on transcripts from other Texas public colleges and universities. All drops combined cannot be more than six. If you started college in Fall 2007 or thereafter and then transfer to College of the Mainland from an affected Texas public college or university with six drops the equivalent of W, you may not drop any additional courses at College of the Mainland. If you transfer with fewer than six, you may drop only the remainder at College of the Mainland.

After you have the equivalent of six grades of W from College of the Mainland and/or other affected institutions in total, you may not drop any additional courses. You must receive grades of A, B, C, D or F.

Drops that do not count in the limit are those for which you receive grades the equivalent of a withdrawal for an entire term (You completely withdraw from all courses at the same time). This means that all parts of term are considered as one term. Example: If you drop a three-week course (mini) but remain enrolled in a five-week or sixteen-week course, you will not have "withdrawn" for the term. Please notify the Office of Admissions and Records if it is your intent to withdraw before you drop so the courses can be marked appropriately.

Drops from developmental courses do not count in the limit (any course with a zero beginning the course number, ex. MATH 0305).

Courses taken while still in high school do not count toward the limit. Once you enroll at College of the Mainland after high school graduation, any drops after that time will count.

If you attended college anywhere prior to Fall 2007, you are excluded from this law.

There are exemptions to this six-course drop limit including: severe illness, care for a sick person, death of a family member, active duty military, withdrawing for the term, change of work schedule beyond student's control and other good cause as determined by the institution. These exemptions may be requested from the Admissions and Records Office and must be made prior to dropping the course. Documentation is required.

You should fully understand this new drop limit before you drop any of your courses. If you have questions or need assistance, please call your advisor or the Office of Admissions and Records at 409-933-8264.