Collegiate High School

Jump-start your future with Collegiate High School.

Helping students reach their goals, CHS helps students earn an associate degree while simultaneously completing a high school diploma.

Students save time and money on higher education, and COM waives 40 percent of tuition and fees for CHS students.

The CHS program is available to Clear Creek, Dickinson, Friendswood, Hitchcock, La Marque, Santa Fe and Texas City ISD students and home-schooled students.

Dual Credit Crosswalk

CHS Dual Credit Crosswalk

Extracurricular Activities

Enjoying the best of both worlds, Collegiate High School students attend all classes at COM while still participating in extracurricular activities at their current high school. Plus, CHS students have access to all COM student resources, events and activities.

What to Expect

Students entering this program are considered college students. High school procedures will not be followed in the college classes, and college professors follow their own grading and attendance procedures. Professors do not send progress reports and other parental notifications home. Students must be mature and self-motivated to be successful.

A Student's Perspective

CHS Student

“Now I know what to expect and who to talk to in college. Collegiate High School helps you realize that a relationship with professors will really go a long way if you need help. They challenged you but were willing to give extra help if you ever needed it. I couldn’t have asked for a better transition. I think it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

– Kelsey Buchanan, 2013 Collegiate High School valedictorian. Kelsey earned an associate degree in May and high school diploma in June. She is now pursuing a bachelor's degree at Baylor University.

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