Words That Changed History Speech Contest

Throughout history, words have sparked revolutions, advocated freedom, averted conflict and inspired nations. Any COM student wanting to interpret the words of great orators will be eligible to win a $100 cash prize in COM’s second annual Words That Changed History Day.

Applications will be accepted through October 31 at 5 p.m.

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College of the Mainland’s QEP topic is “Find Your Voice at COM: Oral Communication Across the Curriculum.”  Based on a two-year selection process, oral communication was chosen because employers cited oral communication as one of the top skills they seek from college graduates, while data indicated that this skill was not emphasized in College of the Mainland courses.

In fall 2013, College of the Mainland implemented the QEP by incorporating oral communication into selected courses at COM with additional classes added in fall 2014. These classes were selected from high-enrollment core curriculum courses and workforce programs. If our assessment indicates that students are improving their oral communication skills, oral communication will be incorporated into other core curriculum and workforce courses.

As a result of the QEP implementation, not only will our students gain confidence in their speaking skills but they also will be able to communicate their ideas in a clear, effective manner appropriate to their audiences. This, in turn, will enhance their ability to compete successfully in the workplace.