COM’s faculty and staff have one priority—to give students a fulfilling college experience that helps them attain personal growth and their career goals. COM's 112 faculty members and 216 staff members work together to offer students individualized attention and guidance, both in and out of the classroom. Nothing matters more!

COM faculty highlights:

  • In all, 62 percent of full-time faculty have master's degrees and 24 percent have doctorate degrees.
  • Most have worked in the fields they teach and bring a wealth of real-world knowledge to the classroom.
    • Faculty in public service careers and nursing programs draw from their front-line experience in the allied health and first responder fields.
    • Drafting, process technology and other COM trade programs feature faculty who are seasoned professionals with years of on-the-job training in local industry.
    • Many business and computer science faculty are former business owners.
  • All are consistently rated “above average” in annual student evaluations.
  • Many have been recognized by regional and national educational organizations for their teaching excellence and their community service.
  • Many are active in regional, state and national professional organizations where they serve as officers and expert presenters at conferences and in trade publications.
  • All pursue annual professional development goals to improve their teaching abilities.