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Student Art Exhibition 2017

Juried by Dennis Nance, Curator, Galveston Arts Center

Nov. 9 — Dec. 4

  • Black and white photo collage of a womans face from the front
  • Black and white photo collage of a womans face in pieces rotated around
  • Vibrant sculpture of a heart

"Porous-city" by Jasleen Sarai

Exhibition date: Oct. 9 – Nov. 5, 2017

Colorful illustration by Jasleen Sarai

Artist Statement

Porous-city is an exploration of the growth of informal architecture within a “porous” city. Inspired by slums/ favela architecture from all over the world, the installation treats the gallery space as dwelling spaces would the city: it inserts and attaches itself to the medians and topography of the space provided.

Growing up in India, I watched informal settlements grow organically in relation to the existing and planned spaces. The structures were often built in the oddest spaces – like a laundry wala who set up his shop under the first flight of the common stairwell. There was a kitche type of beauty about it- these structures were made of all kinds of things- found materials and objects that were residuals of society. They were vibrant, because of the colors and shapes, but because we saw these materials everyday, everywhere, they were able to be ignored. These structures therefore become invisible.

These architectural style drawings and models give these spaces the consideration and acknowledgement that these spaces never get – oftentimes do not have an address or proper amenities. Based on real and imaginative structures found in Houston and beyond, the spaces and structures may seem chaotic at first glance, but there is order to them – the way they are built, grow and the way that connect to each other.

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