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Do I need an appointment to take the TSI?
No, TSI exams are on a walk in basis during testing hours.
Can I take the TSI test even if I am not attending College of the Mainland?
Yes, community testing is offered at the testing center. A valid/current picture ID is required.
What day/time is the TSI offered?
Monday & Tuesday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m./Wednesday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
How do I pay for the TSI?
Payment is collected at the time of testing, acceptable forms of payment are:
Cash/Credit/Debit (Visa/Master Card/Discover)/Check (must include account owner’s driver’s license # and telephone #)
Are there study guides for the TSI exam?
Yes, we recommend the following link https://accuplacerpractice.collegeboard.org/login
Can you send my TSI scores to another college?
TSI scores are transferred using Accuplacer’s Cross Institutional Reporting. This means colleges and universities access to student scores across institutions. This requires students to grant permission for institutions to retrieve scores.
Contact the college you will be attending to find out their requirements so that they may retrieve your scores.
How do I schedule my High School Equivalency Exam GED/HiSET?
Exams can be scheduled using the following links:
To schedule GED exams: www.ged.com create an account then schedule your exam.
To schedule HiSET exams: www.hiset.ets.org
Contact Adult Education for information about free HSE classes www.com.edu/adulted/high-school-equivalency
Are calculators allowed?
Calculators are not allowed for the TSI exam, one is built into the test as determined by Accuplacer.
GED exams allow specific calculators, visit: www.ged.com for further information.
What do I need to bring?
A valid/current picture ID is required for all testing.
Some exams require specific identification (PearsonVue/GED/HiSET/Teacher’s Certification) review email/appointment verification to ensure you meet the requirements.
How long is the TSI Assessment and is it timed?
The TSI assessment is not timed however, we recommend allowing 3-4 hours for the complete exam. The multiple choice sections may be saved at any time; while the writing essay must be completed on the same day the prompt is opened. Your exam will must be completed within 13 days.
What is my Learning Path?
Students that do not score college ready in any area after taking the TSI will receive a learning path on their score report. The learning plan is customized and developed for you based on the results of the Diagnostic Test(s) administered by College of the Mainland. As students’ progress through the course the curriculum progresses based on your progress.
Learning Path Question #1 What Course ID do I use?
The course ID should be highlighted on your score report, use this when logging into the course.
Learning Path Question #2 Do I need to take the full 10 weeks before I can retest?
No, retesting is available at any time students feel prepared to do so. We recommend working in the course lab at least one hour a day for a minimum of two weeks for measurable improvement.

The testing center supplies pencils, paper, and lockers for our examinees.

Cell phone, personal belongings, and food & drinks are not allowed in the testing labs and must be stored in assigned lockers.

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