Patrick Damrath

From Germany to Texas: Discovering passion at COM

Patrick Damrath, a German foreign exchange student who attended Texas City High School, discovered his passion at College of the Mainland.

“I really fell in love with sciences the last two to three semesters at COM just because of great instruction and professors,” he said.
While he was becoming interested in the sciences, he was also hard at work at the COM gym as a student worker and athlete. Damrath described his job at the gym as “different every day.” He worked as a lifeguard, with the COMBAT triathlon, at the front desk and with the after-school program Kids in Danger.

“That experience was just so valuable," he said. "I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I was really a gym rat. The more time I spent there, the more I learned about physical education.”
Fueled by his newfound love of the sciences and enthusiasm for his job at the COM Gym, he plans to pursue physical therapy as a career.

Damrath said the best part of his time at COM was “finding out what I really want to have as a career. I’m sure not another place could offer me that. I was able to get a job here right away, and it was actually something that I really wanted.” 

He earned both an associate of science and an associate of arts degree at COM with highest honors and plans to transfer to UHCL.
He said his fellow students—single mothers, students working full-time, students returning to school—have inspired him to work even harder.

“As I see it, it doesn’t matter where you are coming from or where you have been, but once we finish COM we are all the same—hardworking students. If someone would ask me what kind of students would graduate from COM, I would always say, ‘Underdogs!’”

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