Academic Progress Policy

Academic Accountability

Academic success in college requires maturity and dedication to regular and well defined study habits. Academic accountability at College of the Mainland (COM) is based on a philosophy of maximizing student progress toward successful course and program completion.

Academic Standing

Academic Standing is designed to monitor student progress so that college staff can intervene and provide resources to students who have difficulty meeting the minimum requirements for successful completion.

Academic Standing, computed at the end of each semester, is based upon the following grades and marks: A, B, C, D, I, F, W, and WX earned by the student at COM. The semester grade point average (GPA) and cumulative GPA are used in determining academic standing:

• Semester Grade Point Average (GPA): Includes all grades earned in all courses at COM (includes developmental courses).

• Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA): includes grades earned and all college level classes at COM (does not include developmental courses).

Students can confirm semester and cumulative GPA by viewing their transcript on WebAdvisor or by seeing an Academic Advisor.

Academic Standing Status Levels

COM has four Academic Standing status levels. Status Levels 2-4 include required interventions to maximize student progress toward successful course and program completion:

1. Good Standing: the semester and cumulative GPA at 2.0 or above.

2. Academic Warning: the semester GPA has fallen below 2.0. The student is required to meet with an Academic Advisor prior to registration for the next semester.

3. Academic Probation: the semester GPA has fallen below 2.0 for two subsequent semesters. The student is required to meet with the Student Success Coach prior to registration.

4. Academic Suspension: the semester GPA has fallen below 2.0 for three or more semesters. The student is denied enrollment and must sit out for one semester before re-enrolling. The student must then meet with an Academic Advisor prior to registration.

Academic Suspension Appeal Process

Students may appeal their academic suspension in writing to the Academic Suspension Appeals Committee. Appeal forms are linked below. The appeal must submit an academic appeal form in writing to the Student Success Center, and supporting documentation regarding special circumstances must be provided. Appeals are considered for extenuating circumstances such as serious personal injury, illness, death in the immediate family or undue hardship. Students can check with an Advisor for appeal dates and deadlines. Decisions of the Academic Suspension Appeals Committee are final and cannot be contested.

Academic Suspension Appeal Form

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