Promise Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Opening Doors Promise Scholarship?
Working with community partners, the Opening Doors Promise Scholarship will address the growing need for accessible education in the COM community. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition and fees for any eligible Class of 2020 graduating high school student pursuing full-time studies at COM. Through the scholarship program, students can access a high-quality and affordable college education and earn an associate degree or complete a workforce training certificate program.
Who is eligible for this scholarship?
All Texas City and La Marque residing high school seniors (GED, public, private, home or charter schools) graduating in the Class of 2020 are eligible for the Opening Doors Promise Scholarship. Any Class of 2020 graduating senior at La Marque High School is also eligible for the scholarship, regardless of residence. GED students must be between the ages of 16-18. There is no income or high school grade point average (GPA) requirement.
I attend La Marque High School, but I do not live in the City of La Marque. Am I eligible for the Opening Doors Promise Scholarship?
Yes, any student who attends and graduates from La Marque High School in the Spring 2020 is eligible to apply for the Opening Doors Promise Scholarship, including Bayou Vista and Tiki Island students. Any La Marque High School student is eligible, regardless of their city of residence.
I attend Texas City High School, but I live in Dickinson. Am l eligible for the Opening Doors Promise Scholarship?
Students must reside in Texas City or La Marque, or attend La Marque High School to be eligible for the scholarship. While at this time the scholarship does not cover students in Dickinson or other neighboring cities, the college continues to work with community partners to expand the scholarship to surrounding areas in the future.
I need help filling out the FAFSA application. What resources are available help me with the application?
We have an experienced team of financial aid specialists here to guide you through your FAFSA experience. Visit to find a collection of helpful resources including how-to videos and frequently asked questions. You can also email us at 933-8274 for additional assistance.
Once I become an Opening Doors Promise Scholar at COM, what is required for me to maintain my eligibility?
To maintain eligibility once the scholarship is awarded, students must be enrolled full time and maintain at least 12 credit hours. After completing the first year at COM, students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
7.Once I begin the scholarship, can I stop and start again?
No, a student must attend consecutively. In other words, they must attend full time in the fall and spring to be eligible.

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