Art in Oaxaca


Art in Oaxaca courses include a four-week credit course (96 instructional hours in either Drawing I or Drawing II) or four-week or two-week noncredit courses (Studio Arts), which may be combined with COM’s Spanish courses at the School of Languages in Oaxaca.

Along with COM’s Spanish language students, art students will have the opportunity to live with a family within walking distance of the School of Languages, museums, libraries and the Zócalo (plaza), which all serve as the studio environments for instruction on the many interwoven techniques and philosophies behind the concept of drawing. In addition, art and Spanish students may take the opportunity to expand their field experiences beyond the city to archeological sites such as Monte Alban, Mitla and Yagul. Students may also explore fishing communities of the lowland Pacific coast, rural Oaxacan areas where corn was first domesticated, the many regional art communities and other potential artistic destinations.

Whether credit or noncredit, all art instruction recognizes the individual’s native abilities while emphasizing characteristics of creativity including the ability to embrace intellectual risk, self-awareness, analytical mapping and synthetic modeling concepts.

Three credit hours in Drawing I or II require an average of four and a half hours of course work per day, generally weekdays from 1:30 to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

About the Instructor

COM art professor Mark Greenwalt has taught full-time at College of the Mainland since 2000 and was an adjunct professor at the University of Houston, Rice University and the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He regularly exhibits at the Hooks-Epstein Gallery in Houston and has exhibited in “Texas Draws” at the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas and at the Galveston Arts Center.

In the spirit of collaborative learning, Mark’s drawing courses in Oaxaca emphasize diverse and rigorous inquiry into form and content via Oaxaca’s historical nexus of pre-Columbian culture, classical learning, colonial domination and modern thought existing contemporaneously within a globally connected world of ideas.


In addition to COM tuition and fees, Oaxaca Study Abroad fees, air fare and travel insurance, art students will require approximately $80 to $150 in portable, high-quality drawing supplies to give the student maximum flexibility in their daily development of images in ink, graphite, watercolor and acrylics on notebook-size, heavy cotton paper.

About Study Abroad in Oaxaca

Study Abroad in Oaxaca occurs during the rainy season. Days may be hot with nights often very cool.

Students enrolled in COM’s Art in Oaxaca program must be physically fit and prepared to travel extensively on foot with a small pack, as this is our primary method of exploration within the various communities and environments we visit.

Potential students must discuss any physical limitations with Mark Greenwalt and program director Rafael Naranjo.

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