Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of nursing programs are available at COM?

The Nursing Department offers two nursing programs. The Associate Degree Nursing Program prepares graduates for licensure as registered nurses. The Vocational Nursing Program prepares graduates for licensure as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN).

  • What is the difference between a registered nurse and a licensed vocational nurse?

The first difference is education. A registered nurse (RN) has completed at least two years of education and earned an associate degree. A licensed vocational nurse has completed at least one year of education and earned a certificate.

The second difference is licensure. RNs must pass the NCLEX-RN to become licensed. LVNs must pass the NCLEX-PN to become licensed.

The third difference is scope of practice. The RN has a broader scope of practice than the LVN. LVNs require appropriate supervision. RNs may engage in autonomous nursing practice without supervision by another health care provider. RNs may supervise and delegate certain aspects of patient care to LVNs.

  • How will I know if I am selected for admission?

After the application deadline, you can check the status of your application through WebAdvisor by clicking on the nursing application link. The staff updates the status as the ranking and selection processes progress. If you are selected for admission, you must accept or decline the offer via WebAdvisor. If you accept, you will receive further instructions via your COM email.

  • When should I begin to submit my immunizations?

After the application deadline date, students who are accepted and/or are offered a place on the top alternate list will receive an instructional letter with additional instructions and deadline dates to their COM email. You should begin uploading your immunizations into the Nursing Student Portal beginning on the date set within the letter. Please do not wait and upload immunizations all at one time - upload what you have. This will give the staff an opportunity to review and notify you if something is missing.

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