The College of the Mainland athletic identity elements — or mascot — are for use by the College of the Mainland’s PELAWs, divisions, departments and college-sanctioned sports and student organizations. College of the Mainland’s mascot logos include:

  • the flying duck with word mark
  • the “COM Fighting Ducks” word mark

The College of the Mainland athletic identity elements — or mascot


The words “COM Fighting Ducks” must be always be used together and never referred to as simply “Ducks" or “Fighting Ducks.” While the College of the Mainland logo is to be used for all College publications, events or activities, the flying duck with word mark and the word mark are the preferred mascot logos for PELAWs. The mascot logos should never be used in place of the College of the Mainland logo in any academic application. To ensure a strong, consistent and clear message, please follow these guidelines when using the mascot logos:

  • All official athletic material of any kind must display the primary or secondary mascot logo.
  • All mascot logos must be reproduced from official artwork available from the College of the Mainland Marketing Department.
  • The mascot logos must be displayed using the official colors. No other colors may be used unless approved by the Marketing Department.

The flying duck with word mark is the primary mascot logo and should be used on the front of publications, at the start of presentation materials and on the main page of PELAWs Web sites. The secondary mascot logos is for use on apparel and merchandising products. They may also be used as a graphic element in printed and presentation materials.

If you have any questions or wish to request an exception to these guidelines, please contact the Marketing Department.

Color Schemes

The official dark blue, blue, gold and green are key components of the mascot logo, and they are the primary colors for use in print and electronic communications as well as apparel and merchandising products.

Consistent use and careful matching are essential in establishing and maintaining a unified image.

The Mascot is available in the following color combinations:

  • Four-color option - Dark blue, blue, gold and green (Note the light blue is a 20 percent tint of the PMS 287 Blue)
  • One-color option - Black, White or other colors can be used only with the Marketing Department’s approval
Pantone 655
CMYK: c-100 m-89 y-36 k-43
RGB: r-0 g32 b-78
Hex#: 00204E
Pantone 287
CMYK: c-100 m-83 y-19 k-9
RGB: r-0 g-55 b-152
Hex#: 003798
Pantone 143
CMYK: c-9 m-37 y-94 k-0
RGB: r-239 g-170 b-35
Hex#: EFAA23
Pantone 356
CMYK: c-95 m-0 y-100 k-27
RGB: r-0 g-121 b-53
Hex#: 007935

Background Colors

The mascot logos should be as prominent as possible. Make sure background colors provide enough contrast with them. The logos may be placed on different colored backgrounds or photographs as long as the logos are clearly distinguishable from the background.

Color Schemes

Minimum Size

To ensure the mascot logo is recognizable as well as to maintain readability, the minimum reproduction size is:

  • 1 1/4 inch in width - flying duck with word mark
  • 1 inch in width - word mark

Clear Space Allowance

To allow for maximum legibility, the mascot logos must be kept clear from conflicting visual elements. The “area of isolation” is the minimum amount of clear space that must surround the logo.

No elements such as typography, other logos or graphics should intrude into the clear space. The flying duck with word mark and the word mark will have the width of the “D” spacing on all sides.

Minimum Size

Unapproved Mascot Logo Styles and Uses

Please follow these guidelines when reproducing the athletic mascot logos:

  • Never alter or change the proportions of mascot logo.
  • Never alter or change the proportions of the
  • individual elements.
  • Do not use the logo as a filler in a headline or sentence.
  • Never rotate or change the angle of the mascot logos.
  • Do not alter color schemes.
  • Always ensure there is distinct contrast between the logo and background color.
  • Do not use any portion of the duck without the word mark.

Unapproved Mascot Logo Styles and Uses


The fonts used to create the College of the Mainland mascot logos are FalconsFont and Vipnagorgilla. Do not try to duplicate or copy the word mark typeface or alter it in any way. To use the athletic typeface, contact the Marketing Department.


College of the Mainland marks - Any and all names, logos, trademarks, service marks, word marks, insignias or other images, whether or not registered, utilized by College of the Mainland.

Officially licensed vendor - Any vendor who obtains a license to sell merchandise bearing the College of the Mainland marks.

Authority - State and federal law permit all trademark holders to exercise control over the use and quality of its marks. The College has delegated the responsibility for all College of the Mainland marks to the Marketing Department.

Applicability - To maintain consistency in the use of the College of the Mainland marks, this policy applies to all who wish to sell, market or give away merchandise or to publish materials bearing COM marks including individuals, campus organizations, COM departments, businesses and advertisers.

Registered College of the Mainland Logos:

  • College of the Mainland primary and secondary logo, both the horizontal and stacked configurations
  • College of the Mainland seal
  • COM Fighting Ducks primary and secondary logos