Elsa Tutt

  • Sewing Machine** with accessories that include extra bobbins, Sewing Machine Quarter Inch (¼) Quilting Presser Foot and Sewing Machine “Even Feed Walking” Foot and good working condition
    **Note: Some Sewing Machines are available for use in the classroom if student is not able to bring their own sewing machine.
  • Basic Sewing supplies such as thread snips, small scissors, seam ripper, fine sewing pins, soft measuring tape, pincushion, fabric scissors, hand sewing needles
  • Fabric Marking Pen such as FRIXION Rollerball Pen, SEWLINE fabric pencil black & white lead, or Clover Chaco Liner White
  • Paper and pen/pencil for taking notes and/or labeling


  • 45 mm Rotary cutter w/ a new blade
  • 6 ½ Inch by 24-Inch or 6 inch by 24 Inch Non-Slip Quilter's Ruler
  • 18 Inch by 24-Inch Self-Healing Rotary Gridded Mat
  • 100% Cotton thread in a neutral color
  • 100% Cotton thread for machine quilting in a color that blends with the quilt top
  • Quilting safety pins (~ 100 of size 1 – 1 1/16”)
  • Sewing Clips such as Wonder Clips
  • Optional:
    • 6 ½ Inch by 6 ½ Inch Quilter's Square Ruler or 12 ½” x 12 ½” (highly recommended)
    • Sewing Machine Seam Guide
    • 1 ½” or 2” Masking or Blue Tape

Quilt Project Specific:

  • Quilt Books or Quilt Pattern of your choice.
    • Rail Fence Pattern is highly recommended
    • Or One of following books are highly recommended:
      • Start Quilting by Alex Anderson Book
      • Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Make My First Quilt
      • Fabric Café 3 yard Quilt patterns or books
  • 100% Cotton Fabric according to the quilt pattern requirements
  • Pattern specific tool or ruler
  • Batting
    • size according to the quilt size
    • lightweight, Stitching up to 8" apart, (recommend: 100% cotton, or blend of 80% cotton/20% polyester of 100% polyester)