Debby Brady

  1. Canvases or canvas panels in various sizes (9X12 or 11X14 is a good choice, but use what you like)
  2. Assortment of brushes - inexpensive packages are fine. Buy brushes best for acrylic paints.
  3. Palette knife for mixing paints. Several types/sizes is best. These can be purchased in packages with multiple styles. Metal is better than plastic but you can use both.
  4. Marking tools. (We will discuss these later)
  5. Paper towels
  6. Container for washing brushes - old cottage cheese or yogurt containers with lids work well.
  7. Cheap paper plates for mixing paints, or your choice of palettes.
  8. Apron or old shirt to wear.
  9. Waxed paper
  10. Matte medium - whatever brand you like. We will suggest other mediums later in the course (molding paste, string gels, pouring mediums, etc.)
  11. A color wheel - a basic one is fine. This is not necessary, but nice to have.
  12. Pencils, eraser
  13. Acrylic paints: This list starts with basics (primary colors). Use whatever brand you like. We will be discussing the differences in brands. “Special” paints are marked with asterisk.

Note: It is best to have a warm and cool of each basic color, from which most colors can be mixed. Some of the colors listed below can be exchanged with similar colors in various brands. We will discuss the mixing results using different brands. Buy what you like and can afford. Some of these listed are not inexpensive. They are a suggestion. There are many good brands that compare in color close enough for this class.

Do use regular consistency paints, not heavy body or pourable, to start the class. We will discuss alternative mediums later. We will also discuss recipes for making alternative mediums.

Cadmium Red Light

Alizarin Crimson

*Pyrrole Red - advanced

*Nickel Azo Yellow - advanced

Cadmium Yellow Medium

*Quinacridone Magenta -advanced

*Green Gold -advanced

Yellow Ochre

Naples Yellow

*Hansa Yellow -advanced

Cobalt Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Phalo Blue

Titanium White

Ivory Black

Burnt Sienna

I have used the web site of to order paints. They have good prices some of the harder to find colors. I use Utrecht Gesso for preparing my canvases. This brand is thicker and covers very well. It’s especially good for covering over old/used canvases. It can be ordered from or from Utrecht.

There are many sources for your supplies including the local Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, Jerry’s Artarama in Houston. WalMart also has a few items.