Carl Noone

A Colored Photograph Of A Landscape With High Contrast And Shadows

Pre-Stretched Canvas Or Canvas Panels


No Larger Than 11” x 14” And None Smaller Than 8” x 10”

Tabletop Easel or Portable Adjustable Easel (Optional)

Pencils & Eraser Ruler

Palette With Wells And A Lid

2 Water Containers

Spray Bottle


Paper Towel

Plastic Bags For Garbage

Apron Or Old Shirt

My Color Palette Consist Of: Cadmium Red Flesh Tone

(Optional) Indian Red

Cadmium Yellow Light

Yellow Ochre

Cerulean Blue

Cobalt Blue Ultramarine Blue

Hookers Green

Burnt Umber Paynes Gray

Raw Sienna Titanium White

Brush Sizes Are Optional

My Brush Sizes Are Mostly Rounds In Various Sizes. #2 Flat #4 Flat #4 Bright #4 Filbert #6 Filbert

A Small Fan Brush

A 1” House Painting Brush

1 Palette Knife