Debra Seyfang

Decorating Supplies: check your supplies to see if you have any of these items before purchasing. You may want to wait until after the first night to gather your supplies. All supplies do not need to be purchased at one time. See syllabus for when supplies are needed.

  • One package melting chocolate; more as needed throughout semester. The following are fine: 16 oz. Log House Candiquick ($3.74 Target, Walmart),12 oz Make-n-Mold chocolate wafers ($1.99 on sale-Hobby Lobby), or 12 oz Wilton chocolate wafers ($2.50 on sale – Michaels, Kroger, Walmart). White dipping chocolate – Kroger Brand. Bring to class first night.
  • Freezer paper $6.78 (Walmart online)
  • Small Box of fondant (24 oz) ($5.99-$10.99) available at craft stores, HEB, Kroger, Walmart) or make
  • 6” or longer Lollipop Sticks $2.99+ Hobby Lobby (anywhere)
  • Box of 12” piping bags $6.99 for 24 (Hobby Lobby online)
  • Cake box or carrier to take treats home (Dollar Stores has cake takers for $1.00)
  • Wilton (or similar) candy pot is optional ($21.97 at Walmart)
  • Food needed throughout course:
    • Cupcakes one dozen or more. You will store some in freezer to use for more than one class. (Walmart – Duncan Hines cake mixes are $1.00)
    • Small bag of small marshmallows $1.00-$1.19
    • Make or buy hard cookies (see recipe if make) est. $5.00 or less
    • Box of Rice Krispy Cereal (can be generic brand) $1.79 Walmart
    • Make royal icing $5.99 and $1.00 confectioner’s sugar (The meringue powder can be found at Craft Stores, Kroger)
    • Fun Size m&m’s (you want the smallest bag they come in) Dollar Store (6 little bags) $1.00
    • Iicing: one can; leftovers can be frozen for use in later class. ($1.50-3.50). Canned icing is fine such as Pillsbury, Duncan Hines, etc.
  • Icing tips : price $0.99-$1.49 each (Hobby Lobby) (estimate $6-$8)

Standard White Couplers: package of 1-4 ($.99-1.99 Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Michaels)

stars: 18, 1M or 2D

Leaf: 352 or any other regular size leaf tip (optional)

Estimate required supplies $50.00-60.00.

From home:

Small Deep Bowls for dipping

Napkins or paper towels

Spoons or spatulas

Storage bags

Plastic wrap


Food colors if have

Sanding sugars, candy pearls, or sprinkles if have

Cupcakes and cookies as needed

Small rolling pin

Pizza cutter or small knife

Bag to take dirty items home