Debra Seyfang

Cake Decorating Supplies: check your supplies to see if you have any of these items before purchasing. You may want to wait until after the first night to gather your supplies.

  • 9” offset spatula $3.99 (Hobby Lobby online)
  • Package of cake boards suitable to size of cake you make $2.99-$8.99 (Hobby Lobby online)
  • Freezer paper $6.78 (Walmart online)
  • Small Box of fondant (24 oz) ($5.99-$10.99) available at craft stores, HEB, Kroger, Walmart)
  • Cake Leveler or serrated knife $4.99-$24.99 depending on style
  • Box of 12” piping bags $6.99 for 24 (Hobby Lobby online)
  • Small decorator brush (paint brush not used on anything other than food) any style (optional $5.35 Wilton – Walmart/Michaels)
  • Cake box or carrier to take treats home (Dollar Stores has cake takers for $1.00)
  • Turntable is optional runs about $6.00 (Walmart)
  • Food needed throughout course:
    • 1-2 one layer cakes 6” preferably but can be larger
    • (Make icing using recipe in resource section or purchase icing: medium and thin icing as needed (make or buy) $13.47 for 4 pound tub of Wilton medium icing (Walmart) or purchase small cans as needed (thin icing found in cake aisle of grocery store in two cup containers)
    • small treats for practice
  • Icing tips : price $0.99-$1.49 each (Hobby Lobby) (estimate $15-20)

Standard White Couplers: package of 4 ($1.99 Hobby Lobby)

round: 3, 12

stars: 18, 21, 1M, 2D

petal: 104

Leaf: 352 (or any other leaf tip)

Grass: 233

Flower nail (lily nail optional as we can share a classroom set)

Basket weave: 47 or just use small star or circle tip

Estimate required supplies $57.00, less if you make your own icing/use coupons, etc.

From home:

Bowls or cups to mix icing

Napkins or paper towels

Spoons or spatulas


Storage bags (to carry icing or dirty items home)


Food colors if have

Cake, cupcakes and/or treats as needed

Large and small rolling pin

Pizza cutter or small knife to trim fondant from cake