Rhonda Wilcox

For bead weaving projects:

  • 2 Chain nose pliers
  • 1 Needle nose pliers
  • 1 Crimp pliers
  • 1 Flush cutter pliers

    Bead Pad
    Chain Nose Pliers
    Round Nose Pliers
    Flat Nose Pliers (no teeth)
    Square Nose Pliers (no teeth)
    Flush Nose Wire Cutters
    Sharpie Pin – Black or Grey
    Head Pins
    E600 or Locktite Glue
    Scissors for thread only
    Beading Needles (10, 11, 12)
    Clasps or Fasteners
    Pkg. SS Head pins
    Pkg. Crimps (size 2 or Combo)
    Pkg. SS Ear Hooks
    Spool (7 strand Shinny) Beadalon wire
    (You will use different sizes
    (thicknesses) depending on your project.)
    Fireline (Blk. Smk. Crys., 6 or 8 lb.)
    Beads you like for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. 4, 6, 8, or 12mm
    Delica Beads will be needed for the last project in this semester.
    I suggest the Beadalon Jewel Loom, it is easy to use and store. You can usually find it at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

    Fireline 6 lb or 8 lb is a good choice for loom weaving. It does not stretch as much as other types of thread. The color depends on the project you intend to weave.

    Beads for the loom can range in sizes depending on the pattern. Seed beads, Size 11, 10, 8 or 6 can be used in many of the projects. Patterns can include 4mm pearls, crystals, or other types of beads. In some loom patterns Delicas are used.

    I am a big believer in using the items you already have, so please use what you have and purchase your supplies as we progress through the projects listed in the Course Outline. Also, be aware that additional items may be needed along the way.

    Beaded Jewelry Suppliers
    www.abc.com Antique Beads & Crafty People, Pearland Texas
    www.beadoholique.com Houston Texas
    Michaels, I45 & 646
    Hobby Lobby, I45 & 646
    Jo Ann’s, Bay Area Blvd., Webster, TX
    www.Beadstuff.com Austin, TX
    Bello Mondo.com
    Amazon Prime.com
    Jemco, Houston, TX
    Mays, Houston, TX

  • 1 pkg sterling silver crimp beads size 2
  • Findings: 6 clasps/buttons, 1 pkg. SS (sterling silver) size 2 crimp beads; 1 pkg. ball head pins (lightweight/24 gauge), 1 pkg. 6 mm jump rings, 1 pkg. SS ear hooks
  • 12-inch ruler or standard sewing tape measure
  • 1 spool Fire Line or WildFire--black, white or crystal, 8 or 10 lb. strength
  • 1 Bottle (sm) Locktite glue (gel)
  • 1 Bead pad
  • 1 pkg. beading needles, size 10
  • 8+ tubes of seed beads—information on size/quantity provided in first class.

For bead stringing projects:

  • 1 role beading wire, 7-strand or 19-strand, .015 or .018 width
  • 2 roles craft/shaping wire—information on gauge provided in first class
  • 1 pkg. wire guards
  • Assorted beads, 4 mm to 20 mm—information provided in first class

Additional supplies may be required each semester. They will be listed prior to the first class.

No single store carries all the supplies. Shop early. Shop in a variety of places. Some supplies are available locally at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, JoAnn, Antiques/Beads/Crafty People (ABC), One Glance. Houston: Mays Beads, Bead and Bead, Jemco, Feng’s Trading International.

Internet resources: Amazon, Fire Mountain Gems, Shipwreck Beads, Etsy, Ebay, multiple sites.