Rosa Vance

  • *Transfer Iron On Pen or Pencils
  • *Stiff Felt
  • Felt or Suede Leather (used for backing on Jewelry)
  • Iron On stiff Pelon
  • Straight pins
  • *Beading Needles #10 or #12
  • Needle grabbers
  • *Seed beads
  • Beads - all sizes and colors
  • Clear Craft glue or fabric glue
  • *Scissors
  • *Fire Line Thread Size 6 or 8
  • *Nymo D Thread
  • *S-lon thread
  • Thread conditioner or thread wax
  • *Seam Ripper
  • *Embroidery Hoop size that is comfortable for you.
  • Fabric
  • *beading mat
  • small cups to hold beads
  • *Embroidery Patterns or Patterns that you would like to use.

(All of these materials will be used throughout the semester the items with a * are needed by the second class)

Items you may want but not mandatory

  • Light with Magnifying Glass
  • Embroidery Frame
  • Thimble