Luis Sabido

Luis Sabido (Sociology)


  • Associate of Arts from St. John's (Jesuit) in Belize, Central America
  • Bachelor's in Economics from the University of Puerto Rico
  • Master's in Sociology from Texas Southern University

Previous Work Experience

I have been at the College of the Mainland since 2004. I taught sociology in Houston area colleges for two years before arriving at the College of the Mainland. Other related experience includes teaching for several years in public and private schools and serving as family literacy coordinator for Harris County Public Libraries in Texas. Additionally, I taught in Houston Community College's Amnesty Program for immigrants, which provided the educational support to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

Teaching Philosophy/Research Interests

My teaching philosophy revolves around promoting a climate of student-centeredness and student inquiry within the context of a humanist perspective. As world societies become increasingly diverse and complex, it is important that students become empowered to take control of their learning experiences through the acquisition of essential critical thinking learning skills. By helping students acquire important critical thinking skills, students will be able to experience a sense of belongingness and community. Thus, they will be able to display a high level of caring for the issues that affect their society.     

I am also involved with College of the Mainland's family literacy program with Head Start centers in the college's district. I think that early intervention is key to the learning process of young children and student success. The earlier a society starts in educating its younger members, the greater the desire and motivation for our younger members to conform and do well. Other professional areas of interest are providing study-abroad opportunities for students. When students visit other countries, they learn how to interact with different cultures. Interacting with different cultures will enable students to acquire global positioning skills that are necessary in a diverse world.

Message to Students

Study hard every day because one day you will be able to reap what you have sown! 

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