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Senate Bill (SB) 441, 83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session (2013), established the Texas Fast Start program, which is defined as a career and technical education program designed to help students earn postsecondary certificates and degrees and enter the workforce quickly. The goal of the Texas Fast Start program is to meet the needs identified by employers and other interested parties for additional fast-track, affordable certification programs in high-growth target industries. Industries and occupations that will benefit from the Fast Start program must align with those targeted industries and occupations, as identified in the local workforce board strategies and initiatives defined in the Local Workforce Development Board (Board) plans; and those related to former Governor Perry's six (6) industry clusters. In addition, Fast Start participants collaborated with the Boards to assess WANTED Analytics, the exclusive data provider for The Conference Board's Help-Wanted OnLine Data Series(TM), in order to focus on occupations currently in high demand. The Fast Start program benefits both job seekers and employers by making available the rapid delivery of workforce education. Funding was made available for one-time grants to support the development or expansion of Fast Start programs, with an emphasis on competency-based, rapid-deployment education delivery models for use by public junior colleges, public state colleges, and public technical institutes.

Welcome to College of the Mainland Texas Fast Start II Grant!

A Fast Start to Your Career

Texas Workforce Commission awarded College of the Mainland and consortium partners the Texas Fast Start II Grant in August 2014. College of the Mainland was commissioned to lead a consortium of three area community colleges in developing and delivering a series of fast-track training programs designed to meet the needs of the Gulf Coast Texas employers. The consortium members are Houston Community College, San Jacinto College and College of the Mainland.

The goal of the project was to redesign each program to enable students to obtain post-secondary credentials at an accelerated pace using competency based learning methodologies. The delivery modes for acceleration will include but are not limited to:

  • Cohort enrollment and compressed schedules
  • Increased availability of classes
  • Earned credit by exam and credit for prior experiences
  • Hybrid instructional delivery systems
  • Program appropriate industry recognized credentials i.e. OSHA, EPA, NIMS, NCCER

Appropriate THECB recognized credentials i.e. AAS, AS, Licenses, Level I & II Certifications

Texas Fast Start II Fast-Track Programs

Mechanical Maintenance Technician, Basic Certificate
College of the Mainland

Industrial Electrical Technician
Houston Community College

Air Conditioning Technology, Certificate of Technology
San Jacinto College

Sharing the Texas Fast Start II Curriculum

Fast-track curricula is available for state-wide dissemination and implementation to Texas community colleges upon request per Texas Workforce Commission Texas Fast Start II Grant Specific Requirements-Section 5.8 of Statement of Work: The Grantee shall share existing or new Fast Start program curriculum with other public junior colleges, public state colleges, and public technical institutes, through an existing or new online curriculum-sharing system.

Depending on the fast-track program developed the curriculum consists of syllabi, course outline, worksheet, video links, class activities, quizzes and tests. Worksheets or materials embedded in the development of the curriculum from books or workbooks are referenced to avoid infringement on copyright laws.

Texas Fast Start II Fast-Track Curriculum Request:

College of the Mainland – Mechanical Maintenance Technician Basic Certificate

Interested Texas Colleges must:

Click on the above links for curriculum from Houston Community College or San Jacinto College.

Fast-track curriculum will be made available upon request in March 2016.

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